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New HBP BTS caps from HP collector's editions, part 1.

Over 90 new screencaps from the making of HBP were shown on the ultimate collector's editions of SS and CoS. Since there were so many, I'm going to split them into three posts, otherwise we'll never stop scrolling down. Loads of new on-set footage of Spinner's End, the cave, Dumbledore's funeral, Jessie Cave's screentest, the trio in various scenes and much more can be viewed below.

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Ron/Hermione - CoS

HBP deleted scenes.

This is the best video version around, which is a shame because it's got a huge annoying watermark on it. However, the audio's clear, as is the video, so enjoy. The HBP deleted scenes featured on the DVD.

And the first eight seconds of James Phelps' BTS look at the camera work is online (why only that is beyond me), featuring a different angle of Harry and Ginny's hug.

There's still one more BTS segment unaccounted for, and that's Jessie Cave with the owls. Unfortunately it's not online at the moment, but when it is I'll have it here.